ZiFi Bi-timbre Headjoint - Dizi

ZiFi Bi-timbre Headjoint - Dizi
  • ZiFi Bi-timbre Headjoint - Dizi
  • ZiFi Bi-timbre Headjoint - Dizi
  • ZiFi Bi-timbre Headjoint - Dizi
  • ZiFi Bi-timbre Headjoint - Dizi

ZiFi Bi-timbre Headjoint - Dizi

new bi-timbre headjoint "Zi Flute by Parisi - Briccialdi Italy"
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East and West, ancient and contemporary, meet in the sounds of the new bi-timbre headjoint "Zi Flute by parisi - Briccialdi Italy", designed and patented by flautist and composer Giancarlo Parisi and manufactured and marketed by the Briccialdi Flutes Italy.

Through the use of this particular head, the flute player can choose to use a sound with eastern references (as obtained from the dizi flute, which Giancarlo Parisi was inspired) or use only the classic sounds of his instrument.

You can hear the headjoint particular sound clicking on "Download" section above.

The "vibration" of the particular membrane, realized with plastic material, which is free from any deformation due to moisture or temperature changes, is activated or deactivated through the opening or closing of a flap placed laterally to the mouthpiece (the flautist can operate it even during its execution).

A kit of parts of the membrane is provided with the headjoint and that the flute player can easily replace.

A titanium stopper is already installed. So the headjoint can vibrate more freely.

In the mouthpiece were opened holes that allow greater ventilation for the mouth, avoiding excessive sweating and relative sliding of the instrument.

The bi-tonal headjoint "Zi Flute by parisi - Briccialdi Italy" is aimed in particular:

1. For the classical flutists who want to experience new sounds within contemporary or perform some songs from the classical repertoire of the twentieth century (for example: Syrinx by Claude Debussy, The Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov, etc ..);

2. For the flute players who are active in the world music / world or Eastern tradition and already using the dizi, the bansuri etc .;

3.For jazz flutists, who can obtain a tone very similar of the muted trumpet (used in an outstanding way by the trumpeter Miles Davis).



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You can download the mp3 files to hear the headjoint particular timbre 


at the end of the video you can look the INSTRUCTIONS for membrane assembly



Title: "Mixar"

Flutist: Giancarlo Parisi


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Flutist: Paolo Sergio Marra


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Flutist: Fabio Sodano


Title: "Kellingley"

Flutist: Andy Findon


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Flutist: Monica Williams