About us

The Briccialdi Flutes is a Italian company formed exclusively by professional flutists and really skillful technicians

Our flutes are handmade so they are mainly directed to those who wish a different flute from the usual. They are finished with the supervision of our Senior Engineers. In particular the last stage of production take place in the workshop "MusicaDoc" in Imola (BO) by Davide and Andrea Scala with masters of art jewelery and Ex Verne Q. Powell and Buffet Crampon technicians.

Our flutes have great attention to the details, soft mechanical, warm and rich sound and refined aesthetics. They are made individually by flutists and they are tested one by one.

Expecially our 9612 and 7801 models are mainly directed to professional concert player. They have an extraordinary quality/price ratio. They are produced perfectly and it has a perfect pitch and a beautiful harmonic resonance wich makes it easier to play and to bring out the best in your performance!

Our value is to use our experience to produce flutes with the best features at a great value for money.

The production is done handmade in small workshops in Italy, and we sell our flutes directly to the customers by phone or internet.This way to operate (without any broker or agents) greately reduces the final cost for the customer.

Moreover, each flute is assembled, tested and adjusted manually by specialists in Italy to ensure and certify the functionality with a specific warranty paper, on wich is reported the control serial number and control officer signature

Our models join quality and design exclusivity.

They are produced in limited edition (about 150 flutes are produced for year)

Our Flutes have 2 year Warranty against manufacturing defects